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Down Deep Guideposts (PDF)

Singer Michael McDonald’s personal travails (ghostwritten)


Who I Am Guideposts (PDF)

How Natalie Cole overcame drug addiction (ghostwritten)


The Role of My Life Guideposts (PDF)

Actor Gary Sinise helps Iraqi schoolchildren (ghostwritten)


The Last Tape Guideposts (PDF)

A dying mother leaves her three daughters a priceless gift (ghostwritten)


Mayor of Denver Guideposts (PDF)

A mentally ill man’s secret life (ghostwritten)


When the Towers Came Down Guideposts (PDF)

Husband-and-wife elevator operators survive the destruction
 of the World Trade Center (ghostwritten)


Perfect Harmony Brides (PDF)

Music-themed honeymoon hotels


20 Dream Escapes Travel + Leisure (PDF)

Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala, India


Q & A with Phil Keoghan Positive Thinking (PDF)

The Amazing Race host gives tips on living an adventurous life


Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa (PDF)

Review of hotel in Shell Beach, California, for T + L partner site

Outdoor Sculpture Parks Art Business News (PDF)

An alternative to traditional museums

Cadillac Ranch (PDF)

Photograph for a showcase on Texas

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Gild Hall

Posh financial district hotel


The Greenwich Hotel

Robert De Niro’s elegant Tribeca property

Nu Hotel

Hip, quirky Brooklyn lodging

Hampton Inn Manhattan Soho

Chic business hotel with breathtaking views

Rubin Museum of Art shop

Museum of Himalayan Art’s colorful wares

Service Journalism

Don’t Take It Personally Positive Thinking (PDF)

Learning not to make it all about you

What Your Dreams Say About You Positive Thinking (PDF)

How dreams can help improve waking life

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Everything EMTs Want You to Know

Good Housekeeping’s Quick & Simple (PDF)

Life-saving advice from emergency medical technicians


Six Surprising and Simple Stress Fighters

Good Housekeeping’s Quick & Simple (PDF)

Easy ways to calm down fast


Baby Brain Boosters Pregnancy (PDF)

How to give baby a head start

Allergy Relief Positive Thinking (PDF)

Coping with seasonal allergies

Are You Listening?! Good Housekeeping’s Quick & SImple (PDF)

How to be a better listener

Pre-Baby Money Basics Pregnancy (PDF)

Making sure parents are financially healthy before baby comes

Rents are Rising:  What Should You Do

Tips for managing increasing rents

Wanted:  Positive Person Positive Thinking (PDF)

The character trait employers most want

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Pretty Unreal Current Health (PDF)

How the media influences teens’ body image

Dark Crystal Current Health (PDF)

Three teens who survived crystal meth addiction

Hurts So Bad Current Health (PDF)

What drives teens to injure themselves


Dead-End Street Current Health (PDF)

Why young people run away and what brings them home

Tainted Love Current Health (PDF)

Avoiding abusive relationships

When Life Hurts Current Health (PDF)

Getting help for suicidal thoughts


Wasted Current Health (PDF)

Dangers of binge drinking

An Equal-Opportunity Destroyer Current Health (PDF)

Eating disorders affect boys too

The Language of Film Cable in the Classroom (PDF)

The Independent Film Channel’s (IFC) film school

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